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Alliance for Green Socialism

The AGS rejects capitalism because it exploits workers, consumers and environment. We need a radical transformation to a society that values both people and the natural ecology on which people depend for life. The capitalist drive for endless growth, endless consumption and huge inequality will destroy our ecosystem and our society. Green socialism would mean a better, fairer, happier life for all of us.


3,000,000 pounds - 8 pupils

A Leeds "free school" given over three million pounds of government money opened with only eight pupils. The ConDem government forbade the opening of proper schools, run by the local authority, despite a shortage of places. But it finds money for fiascos like this.


Leeds Events

Tuesday 19 May 2013 at 7.30pm
Leeds AGS members and supporters
Where now after the Tory win?
How should the AGS and the wider movement fight back?
Swarthmore Education Centre
Woodhouse Square, LS3 1AD

Leeds AGS

Leeds AGS

Campaigns on local issues: schools, housing, care for the elderly, sports centres, cuts. Meetings every month on the third Tuesday. Annual summer garden party and autumn green fair. Stands candidates in elections. Works with other local organisations. Has fun too.