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Alliance for Green Socialism

The AGS rejects capitalism because it exploits workers, consumers and environment. We need a radical transformation to a society that values both people and the natural ecology on which people depend for life. The capitalist drive for endless growth, endless consumption and huge inequality will destroy our ecosystem and our society. Green socialism would mean a better, fairer, happier life for all of us.

GS77 autumn 2016
 PDF 10.4MB
Brexit & TTIP GS77cover TTIP, CETA & COP21; Post Referendum; Keep Corbyn; Mental Health; Fuel Poverty; Spain; Religious Fundamentalism; Selling Death
GS76 summer 2016
 PDF 10.4MB
In or Out
of the EU
GS76cover We need a better Europe; EU: Stay in to Change; EU: for a left Exit; No Third Runway; Religious Fundamentalism
GS75 spring 2016
 PDF 10.4MB
Paris COP21:
Triumph or Betrayal
GS75cover Paris Agreement; Trident; Plan B for Europe; Fundamentalisn; TTIP; Easter Rising; Mental Health; Demo Stops Deportation
GS74 winter 2015/16
 PDF 3.4MB
The Reality of Climate Change GS74cover Climate Change; COP21; Frack Free Leeds; Yemen; Anti-Academy Alliance; Whistleblowers
GS73 autumn 2015
 PDF 32.4MB
European Union:
In or Out
GS73cover Labour Leadership; EU in or out; Parti de Gauche; Greece, Germany, Euro; Workers EU; Sheffield NHS
GS72 summer 2015
 PDF 3.0MB
Post Election Blues GS72cover General Election; Spanish election; Greece; Yemen; Argentina Piqueteros
GS71 spring 2015
 PDF 1.8MB
Elections 2015 GS71cover AGS Answers; Sham Democracy; Shargh of Iran; Whistleblower Wins
GS70 winter 2014/15
 PDF 3.6MB
Ocean, Air, Soil GS70cover Charlie Hebdo; Paris to Peshawa; Germany & Pegida; Council Cuts; A&E Crisis; Magna Carta
GS69 autumn 2014
 PDF 5.0MB
No TTIP GS69cover Population; Arms to Renewables; Food for Thought; Roads to Nowhere; Pride
GS68 summer 2014
 PDF 3.8MB
The War to End Wars? GS68cover Economic Aims; Latin America; NHS Under Attack; Bilderberg Group; Politics in Europe
GS67 spring 2014
 PDF 3.5MB
Middle East Conflict: Imperialism's Legacy GS67cover Arms Trade; Stop Hinckley; Energy Use & Production; Pete Seeger
GS64 summer 2013
 PDF 1.0MB
Climate pointers GS64cover National Health Action; Shrewsbury 24; Climate Pointers; Left Unity in Pakistan
GS63 spring 2013
 PDF 1.9MB
Alternative economies GS63cover Currencies; Requiem for a Soldier; Iceland & Financial Crisis; La Via Campesina; The Information Age; The Icelandic Example; Venezuela
GS62 winter 2012/13
 PDF 5.8MB
Money: what is it? GS62cover Currencies; Sophie's Blog; A new public ownership; Prague 2012; To March or Not to March
GS61 autumn 2012
 PDF 5.1MB
Red And Green Alternative Istanbul Conference GS61cover The European Financial Crisis; The Lost Summer; Reports from the Istanbul RAGA Conference; 'Wonderful War'; The Masque of Anarchy
GS60 summer 2012
 PDF 2.9MB
A better world really is possible GS60cover A better world; British energy policy; climate sound bites; a rap for peace; affordable housing; clinical commissioning; professional trespasser; thoughts on AV
GS59 spring 2012
 PDF 4.2MB
Cuts and the economy GS59cover Older Feminist Network; better capitalism? becoming a socialist; The Spreading Spring; Red And Green Alternative; capitalism, privatisation, cuts & the environment; fracking
GS58 spring 2012
 PDF 1.5MB
The end of the euro GS58cover Europe & the euro crisis; rioting youth; free schools; all in this (hospital) together
GS57 spring 2012
 PDF 4.4MB
Welfare cuts GS57cover Welfare Reform Bill; the riots; the banking crisis; BP's Gulf disaster; Gordon McLennan
GS56 spring 2012
 PDF 10.5MB
Sustainability GS56cover A sustainable future; social governance in the NHS; facts about ageing; a more humane and sustainable economy; democracy in Morocco
GS55 spring 2012
 PDF 2.2MB
Life for sale GS55cover Houses for profit; TUC march against the cuts; food as a commodity; selling the nation's back garden; can everything be bought & sold; rebuilding IWCE; vote yes for AV
GS54 spring 2012
 PDF 5.1MB
Alternative energy GS54cover Nuclear fusion: for or against; legal loan sharks; multiculturalism; tuition fees; cuts & privatisation; alternative energy; destroying the NHS
GS53 spring 2012
 PDF 1.2MB
ConDem cuts GS53cover Crisis conspiracy? local autism services; workers rights charter; Winstanley & the Diggers; privatisation