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Alliance for Green Socialism

The AGS rejects capitalism because it exploits workers, consumers and environment. We need a radical transformation to a society that values both people and the natural ecology on which people depend for life. The capitalist drive for endless growth, endless consumption and huge inequality will destroy our ecosystem and our society. Green socialism would mean a better, fairer, happier life for all of us.

national manifesto 2017
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2017 General Election Manifesto 2017 published by: AGS national committee
May 2017
national manifesto 2015
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manifesto2015 General Election Manifesto 2015 published by: AGS national committee
March 2015
national manifesto 2010
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manifesto2010 General Election Manifesto 2010 published by: AGS national committee
August 2009
civil liberties
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civil liberties Civil Liberties - the end of personal freedom published by: AGS national committee
July 2008