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Alliance for Green Socialism

The AGS rejects capitalism because it exploits workers, consumers and environment. We need a radical transformation to a society that values both people and the natural ecology on which people depend for life. The capitalist drive for endless growth, endless consumption and huge inequality will destroy our ecosystem and our society. Green socialism would mean a better, fairer, happier life for all of us.


Green socialism stands on two pillars: red & green, left & ecological. We believe that an unfair, capitalist society like ours is wrong, and that a society that destroys its own environment is doomed. Two inter-linked themes.

Humankind depends utterly on the environment which supports our life. Capitalist industrialisation has been degrading this ecosystem - grow, profit, grow, profit. The biggest current threat is global warming, which capitalists deny and governments ignore.

Our society is increasing unequal. Capitalism exploits us all - well, 99% of us. Our lives are supposed to be built around having more and more "stuff", not about trying to be happy and trying to fulfill ourselves. Ruthless unequal competition and endless material growth, instead of sensible cooperation.

The current economic crisis was created by finance capitalists in an orgy of greed and criminality. It's made most very rich.

The AGS seeks to help people understand what is really going on, both in terms of our environment and in terms of criminal inequality and exploitation by the one percent.

We seek to mobilise people against the current system and in favour of a green socialist alternative. We create and support action and campaigning at all levels from your street to international.

As part of this process, the AGS stands candidates in local and general elections. Otherwise we would not be serious.

To find out more about the AGS, look at our manifestos, booklets and leaflets, etc on this site, or use the contact AGS link. You can join the AGS (remarkably cheaply) online or by post.